Dog Safety Travel Tie-Outs

Dog Safety Travel Tie-Outs

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DOG SAFETY TRAVEL TIE-OUTS made by dogsRtreed will make your life, and your dog's lives better in a flash! While hunting, at a dog field trial event, camping, or just on the road travelling... sometimes getting all of your dogs temporarily and safely tied out at the same time can be a big challenge.  Having enough random leashes, tie-outs, stakes, trees or things to tether them to temporarily, adds to the problem. That also usually means more chaos! Get travel organized and more efficient by using our maintenance free, extremely durable, PREMIUM GANG LINE SYSTEM. 

****The 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 dog TIE-OUTS are a MODULAR SYSTEM! This means that you can now BUILD THE EXACT SIZE OF TIE-OUT THAT YOU WANT! Need a 7 dog, just build it with a 4 dog and a 3 dog that easily connect together! Need a 12 dog, you can build that too, just connect two 6 dogs! All of our tie-outs have a generous LOOP on each end which provides a perfect point to connect tie-outs together, drive a stake, or possibly attach a ratchet strap for tension! We provide 2 huge, very stout caribiner-type Spring Snaps on both ends of the main-line, for your connection needs! Our 8 AND 10 DOG TIE-OUTS, are one continuous main-line, and have the beefiest ever 2" Ring in the center! 


  • MAIN-LINE CABLE rated at 4700 lbs, when we say "heavy duty" we mean it
  • Our 6, 8 and 10 dog tie-outs have a Stainless Steel 2" Welded Ring in the center of the main line, offering flexibility and options for staking and tethering
  • Brightly colored PVC coated cables which protect the cable, has a smooth finish that is easy on your hands...helps reduce the potential for sharp & broken wires
  • 3 MAIN LINE COLOR OPTIONS: Bright Orange / Translucent Green / White
  • 9 SHORT LEAD COLOR OPTIONS: Neon Green / Neon Pink / Bright Orange / Translucent Blue /  Translucent Green / Translucent Purple / Translucent Red / School Bus Yellow / White 
  • Cleans and wipes down easily for those inevitable stinky messes
  • The line and leads are easily visible making them less likely to be tripped over
  • The main-line end is 7.5' from the end to the first dog tie out position. This allows enough length to reach around large trees. Not leaving enough length on the ends has definitely been a problem with many other tie out designs
  • Includes 2 - 4.5" x 7/16" Galvanized Spring Snaps / 900 lb. WL Rating
  • 360 degree swivels at both ends of the individual leads
  • Thimbles on loops for extended wear and tear
  • ADHESIVE HEAT SHRINK ON ALL CRIMPS to eliminate sharp edges
  • 22 inch finished length on individual dog leads for generous movability 
  • Position leads are on 5 foot centers, so NO Tangles with dog next to them
  • NO MORE using chain, as it can wrap around legs/necks and cause injuries  

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER!!! These tie-outs are for use in short term travel situations to special events or activities. We do not advocate the use of them long term. And when in use, proper hydration, shade and protection from weather elements should always be given